How To Achieve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is what driving the business performance but the question that must be answered here is, what is driving employee engagement? Is it effectiveness, satisfaction or engagement? As a matter of fact, all these three are interrelated to have upward progression. Each of the said item have different derivatives but they're building on each to improve the performance in a workplace.

Try to think about it, not because the employees are satisfied with their jobs doesn't mean that they're engaged or effective at it. There is a possibility for employees to be really satisfied with his/her job but not fully engaged at it. And to make things more complicated, an employee could also be satisfied and engaged but, not effective at his assignment. All of the three components are working together as a way to create a workplace for the employee that can motivate them and make them more committed at their work.


So what really makes an engaged employee in a company? There are several items that can help us to identify which employees are engaged and which are not. An employee who is doing his/her very best, take calculated risks, constantly learning new things, feel stretched beyond comfort zone, find work could be stressful occasionally but fun and rewarding at the same time and lastly, those who love their job are what make engaged employees.

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to discover what drives employee engagement.

Number 1. Drivers of Dissatisfaction

These are actually the basics; if these said areas aren't met sufficiently, then the employees are quite likely looking for a new job. So what are these things that causes dissatisfaction to employees? These are none other than the compensation, fair policies, safety and job security.

Number 2. Drivers of Satisfaction

These are the factors that are going to satisfy your employees but it does not automatically mean that it'll make them effective. You can read more about these factors from a performance management software. Rather, satisfied employees are doing what it takes only to get by. What are the things that improves employee satisfaction, it can be anything from recognition, interesting work, relationship with the co-worker or manager, and opportunity to grow.

Number 3. Drivers of Effectiveness

These are vital if you want your employees to deliver high level of contribution to your firm. These factors are capable of removing limits that might be holding back your employees. To help them be effective, put pride in their work, give them authority in making decisions, have personal as well as professional renewal.